Condition Monitoring Services

Our experienced engineers are available to provide vibration testing and analysis, in-situ dynamic balancing, shaft alignment, thermography, and oil analysis of rotating machinery and electrical panels.

Our main focus is to provide a ‘Reliability Resource’ for your company by offering condition monitoring services on the field . Our engineers shall visit your plant with vibration analyzers to analyze and diagnose the exact detect of the machines. We give detailed information to your maintenance teams about the health and performance of your plant machinery. you’ll be able to see when components or lubrication are deteriorating so that you can plan maintenance jobs to avoid costly downtime and expensive emergency repairs.

Our service is a very cost-effective, time-saving and smart alternative to reactive repairs and periodic maintenance. with the proven potential to save thousands of rupees in secondary damage, lost production and unnecessary maintanance-CES’ condition monitoring services are the proven, predictive maintenance approach.