Renewable energy sources are inexhaustible and abundant unlike coal and natural gas which have limited reserves. Renewable sources of energy also provide security to countries of all sizes from global geopolitics. Finally, renewable is a clean source of energy, a much-needed relief our planet needs on an urgent basis.  
The wide adoption of renewable energy depends on the commercial viability of solar and wind projects. Utility-scale projects require major capital investment. The return on this investment can be ensured with continuous monitoring of plant performance.
The energy generation from Solar and Wind power plants is dependent on the atmospheric conditions. Aeron’s Weather Monitoring System is a perfect product for real-time monitoring of environmental conditions and thereby for keeping track of plant efficiency on a real-time basis.

Weather Monitoring System for Renewable Energy Plants

Aeron offers a highly versatile, scalable, and reliable Weather Monitoring System (WMS) for Solar and Wind power projects. The WMS uses high accuracy sensors for the measurement of radiation, albedo, wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, humidity, module temperature, soiling, and other parameters. There is a wide range of sensors available with us for selection from global sensor manufacturers. We are aware that the projects of different sizes have different requirements and one size fits all approach does not work. Therefore, we research and test a large number of sensors before recommending you the most optimum combination from the performance as well as the cost point of view

The weather sensors connect with a high-reliability data logger manufactured by Aeron for precision and reliable data collection from the sensors. The logger applies intelligent software filters on the collected data to remove noise and errors. The data is stored in the logger and communicated on wired and wireless mediums. The logger offers 4G and Wi-Fi for wireless data communication and Ethernet, RS485 MODBUS options for wired communication to SCADA and RTU. There is a range of data loggers and gateways available from Aeron suitable for your project from KW to MW size